Glass flowers

Glass flowers
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New Digitalis

Digitalis in various sizes and colors handmade

250.00 *

Little flower to hang

Small manually manufactured glass flower for attaching in different colors

12.90 *
Not in stock
This product is subject to possible delivery delays.

New Orchid bloom largely

Orchid bloom approx. 10 cm in different colors

17.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 8 days

New Orchid small

Orchid bloom small approx. 7 cm to hanging in different colors

12.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 5 days

Orchid ensemble

Orchid bloom ensemble from 2 blooms in different colors

25.00 *
Still in stock
can be shipped within 8 days

New glass rose bloom

Product no.: B 800501

Glass bloom with three white roses
29.90 *

New Glass rose bloom with forget-me-not

Product no.: B 800502

White glass rose bloom with forget-me-not
24.90 *

Glass rose bloom rose and white

Product no.: B 800503

Glass rose with a rose and white bloom
29.90 *

New yellow rose

Product no.: B 800505

Yellow rose bloom with sheets and two blooms
29.90 *

Rose-colored rose

Product no.: B 800506

Rose-colored glass rose with two blooms and sheets
29.90 *

New Amber colored rose

Product no.: B 800504

Amber colored glass rose with 3 blooms
29.90 *
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