Sand timer Model Triumph

Sand timer Model Triumph

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Three hourglasses with three different durations in a simple beech frame.

The 3 sand timers are made of crystal glass. In the glass body of the hourglass is a special sand, wich a high accuracy guaranteed. The terms are free and are combined by different colors of sand. The sand timer is ca. 25 cm high. At this size is a running time possible about min. 1 minute to max. about 15 minutes. This article is available in various duration times. The desired time you can while the order shown in the option field. Differences in the duration of approximately 5% is justified by the manual production factors.

This article has the protected trademark of the Thuringian glassblower federation Lauschaer-Glaskunst-Logo-rund-einfarbig.png.

Additional product information

1. duration time 1 min
2. duration time 6 min
3. duration time 11 min

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