Sand timer exclusiv

Sand timer exclusiv

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How could your hourglass in a modernly designed exclusive beechwood frame look. This hourglass is adapted to your individual needs and is therefore always unique. The body is made of glass crystal Lauscha glass. In the glass body of the hourglass is of special sand, the high running accuracy guaranteed. The wood frame is from a master turner in the Rhön produced. You can sketch your design process.

We can each flowing material for you to fill - sand, grain or seed or something entirely different. You can paint the wood with us and vote.

  • The height of the hourglass is about 65 cm.
  • At that size has a duration of about 1 min max. about 60 minutes depending on the available wadding.
  • The basic model costs only in Beech 300 €.
  • Extras achieve other wood filler or other special racks.
The duration time, the wood, the filling materials and the frame design are with us to vote (glassblower Vogel tel 036762 32265). This article reflects the protected trademark of the Thuringian Glass Art Guild .

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