Paperweight Potato Beetle


Paperweight Potato Beetle

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The Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata), also known as the Colorado beetle, the ten-striped spearman, the ten-lined potato beetle or the potato bug, is an important pest of potato crops. It is approximately 20 mm long, with a bright yellow/orange body and five bold brown stripes along the length of each of its elytra. It can easily be confused with its close cousin and look-alike, the false potato beetle.

The Paperweigth has a diameter of 6 cm and is a world first. The beetle is about 3 cm tall and encased in acrylic so sure. This paperweight is a limited edition of 50 pcs.

You will receive a product of the glassblower brand Lauschaer-Glaskunst-Logo-rund-einfarbig.png
cooperation with a welsh fellow artisans.

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